HMS ESKIMO  66 - 68


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Did you serve onboard HMS ESKIMO.

It's great to meet up again with the Ships Company their wives/partners and guests.

To date, we have contact details of 126 Ships Company. There are many more out there who are not on our database and we would like to meet again. 

Unfortunatly some have crossed over the Bar these past few years, and  sadly , crew numbers are diminishing. 

If you are one of our Ships Company who have never been to our reunions, or maybe been once or twice, please come along, it will be great to see you again. 

We are a great bunch and have a wonderful time, plenty of old sea stories to chew over along with a few tots of Pussers. The ladies are delightful and great fun.

It's worth the effort and we would love to see you there.